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Arm not turning.

The safety fence door may not be closed.

Close and latch the door.

Push arm may not be completely retracted. Refer to Push Arm not moving problems and check Reed Switches adjustment.
One of the photoeyes may be blocked or dirty. Clear the photoeye and / or clean it.
Arm speed on the control panel is set to zero (0) or too slow for the arm to turn. Increase the arm speed setting located on the conrol panel.
Motor fuses may be burned. Check for short, if none, change the fuse using adequate rating.
Pinion holding key or motor shaft key is broken. Check rotation mechaism, if in proper order, change the key.
Machine stops in the middle of a cycle.

An alarm is activated.

Look for the alarm on the touch screen, take the corrective measure, then accept the alarm and restart the cycle.

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