A Guide to Purchasing Stretch Wrap Equipment
Ten reasons for using a stretch wrapper
We give you at last 10 Reasons To replace hand wrap with a Stretch Wrapper for your pallet wrapping applications
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Phoenix PHP-2100
Phoenix PLPA-2150 Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Loaded with features, built like a tank, and aggressively priced. Definitely… BEST IN CLASS.
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Effem Application
Cross country move requires major configuration redesign.
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Phoenix Stretch Wrappers

Phoenix Stretch Wrapper (Pallet Wrapper) Product Line

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The Focused Choice For Your Stretch Wrapping Requirements

Unlike our competition, Phoenix is focused exclusively on pallet stretch wrappers and stretch wrap equipment. We are not everything to everyone. We don’t waste valuable engineering and manufacturing time working on strappers, tapers, palletizers just to appease shareholders. We don’t waste our customer support system trying to try and sell “consumables” like strap, tools, and stretch film. All we do is focus on engineering, manufacturing, and supporting our customers with a rugged line of stretch Wrap Equipment.


Stretch wrapping your pallet loads requires a pallet wrapper designed to meet your specific wrap requirements. There are 3 basic levels of stretch wrap equipment:


Semi-Automatic Prestretch Pallet Wrapper

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper: For up to 80-100 pallets/day. Requires an operator to initiate the wrapping cycle. The machine then applies the film and wraps the load as per the preset.

These operator-controlled wrappers apply much stronger prestretched plastic film to the pallet ensuring a safer stable load. Although more expensive than non-prestretch equipment, these pallet wrappers make up for it by the film economies associated with the film being stretched (Learn more about the benefits of prestretching the film here). If you’re handling low-volume applications, a semi automatic stretch wrapper may be the best solution for you. There are 3 basic types of semi automatic stretch wrapping machines. Low Profile Turntable Stretch WrappersBest for pallet jack operations, High Profile Turntable Stretch Wrappers: This machine is designed specifically for forklift loaded applications, Overhead Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers: Designed for heavy or unstable pallet loads (light, tall, and poorly constructed loads).

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Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrap Equipment

These systems are commonly used in higher volume applications, from 20 pallets per hour to up to 120 loads per hour being wrapped, require no operator intervention during the cycle.

This stretch wrap equipment DOES NOT require an operator. Running automatically, these stretch wrapping systems allow high speed operation with consistent wrapping strength. These systems are commonly used in higher volume applications, from 20 pallets per hour to up to 120 loads per hour being wrapped. There are also 4 basic types of automatic stretch wrapping machines: Rotary Ring Wrapper: Rotary rings are unique because they rotate only the carriage itself, drastically reducing your film cost. Conveyorized Rotary Arm: These machines eliminate the need to rotate the pallet being stretch wrapped, perfect for wrapping application that requires to wrap light or unstable loads or for high speed wrapping. Conveyorized Turntable: This system offers a flexible and economical stretch wrapping solution for up to 50 loads per hour. Non-Conveyorized Automatics: Operators just have to place the pallet on the stretch wrapper and pull the cord to begin the automatic cycle.

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