Retrofit Carriage Tower Assembly

In this case, we retro-fitted 2 Wulftec WHP-300 towers to the customer’s existing turntables. By doing this, the customer was able to eliminate his old carriage lift problems and they also got a no-thread film carriage that was now providing them with 200% pre-stretch. The logic for the existing turntables and counting operation was added to Wulftec’s PLC on-site.

Customer: Pioneer Hi-Breed

Machine: Muller RPA-800 Automatic turntable systems (2)

Scenario: Customer was looking to replace the stretch wrappers as the film carriage tower was worn to the point of not being able to support the film carriage, while the film carriage itself was providing little prestretch. Also as the equipment was installed years ago, the customer's machines were surrounded by equipment that made it extremely difficult and expensive to replace. As an alternative, a retrofit was proposed that would allow the customer to keep the assemblies that were still performing well while replacing just the assemblies that had deteriorated.

Retro-fit: A Wulftec tower assembly complete with the vertical lift drive system was installed. With the controls also located in the tower structure any retrofit would require new controls and wiring. A new PLC was installed and the system completely reprogrammed. A retrofit film carriage was included to complete the upgrade.

Results: The extended production downtime and long installation process due to the requirement of removing surrounding equipment was eliminated with this retrofit. Customer was able to limit capital expenditures while dramatically reducing stretch film costs.

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