High Speed Case Study

Cott Beverage.

Machine: Wulftec WCRT-200

Scenario: With dramatically increased product demand Cott Beverage required significantly higher production speeds from equipment that was purchased less than 12 months earlier. Replacement stretch wrappers were suggested by competitors, however CAPS suggested upgrading the machine frame to accept an upgraded drive system that would allow higher speeds. After studying the cycle times of the production line it was found that there were a number of areas of the cycle that could be improved with hardware and software modifications. Rotation speed, material handling, and film tail treatment were some sections of the cycle upgraded.

Retro-fit: A High-Speed package was proposed consisting of engineered hardware and software upgrades designed specifically by CAPS.

Results: The stretch wrapper rotation speed was increased by more than 40%. With all modifications completed, the production capacity of the equipment was increased in excess of 30%. With success confirmed, Cott has proceeded with the upgrade on subsequent stretch wrappers.

WCRT-200 Hi-Speed Package Upgrade

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