Automatic Cut & Brush Film Tail Treatment


Customer: Sonoco Ltd.

Machine: Polybro Rotary Arm Automatic

Scenario: High maintenance costs and unreliable automatic operation associated with the clamp & cut assembly of this particular wrapper forced the customer to seek a solution. The film had to be roped at the end of every cycle in order to clamp & cut. This lengthened the cycle time, increased film costs, with inconsistent results. The Competitive solution was to replace the unit with a new stretch wrapper, as they do not have the engineering capability to do otherwise. This was not an option the customer could consider at the time.

Retro-fit: Retrofit Cut & Wipe Film Tail Treatment Assembly c/w a film clamp assembly.

Results: With the new film clamp and cut & wipe assemblies installed and the program changed to reflect the upgrade, the machine became a consistent automatic wrapping system. The cycle time was decreased with the elimination of the extra roped revolutions (also resulting in substantial film savings). Operator intervention required with the old clamp and cut system was virtually eliminated.

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