Elevating Film Clamp Assembly Retrofit

The elevating film clamp allows you to start wrapping a load at the bottom and finishing anywhere throughout the height of the load without having to return to the bottom. This reduces your cycle time and film cost considerably!

The elevating film clamp also allows you to apply bands to the top portion of the load for products that do not require full wrap. Loads that are wrapped hot can also be banded so that they are able to breathe without trapping the moisture that causes condensation damage to the product.


Customer: Fafard

Machine: Wulftec WCRT-200 rotary arm automatic stretch wrapper

Scenario: With a sudden surge in production rates, reduction in cycle time became extremely important. Fafard's customers also asked about just wrapping the unstable top portion of the pallet load. The need to be able to wrap most loads completely, while having the flexibility to wrap specific loads only at the top was the issue.

Retro-fit: Wulftec Elevating Film Clamp, Extended Cut & Wipe Assembly, and additional Heat-Seal Unit.

Results: An elevating film clamp assembly was installed. The pneumatically actuated unit is placed in the lowered position for full wrap clamping, or in the elevated position for when banding only the top of the load is required. The cut & wipe system was extended to handle both

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