Integral Pallet Load Pop-up Conveyor System

Customer: Progistix Solutions

Machine: Wulftec Futura 2000 Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Scenario: A major new customer requested that all pallets meet special stretch wrapping specifications which required that the entire pallet be wrapped with the product. The existing stretch wrapper did not allow this spec to be met which would jeopardize the new business.

Retro-fit: Wrap zone conveyor with integrated pop-up pallet lift system. This pallet lifting system added to the wrap zone conveyor allows the pallet load to be lifted off of the roller conveyor while the stretch wrapper wraps the load and pallet, continuing even under the pallet. Stretch wrapper is reprogrammed to detect the loads to be

Results: By replacing the original wrap zone conveyor with one that had an integrated pop-up device, we were able to raise the pallet up and off the rollers by 4”. This allowed us to wrap the entire skid regardless of the inboard positioning of the product.

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