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TABLE DOES NOT STOP AT HOME POSITION The count sensor has been displaced or is defective. Realign the proximity sensor. If the problem reoccurs replace the sensor.
The gap between the proximity sensor and the counter block is too large (see if input no. 1.1 on the PLC flashes 16 times for a WLP-WHP 200 and 2 times for a WHP-300, for every turn). Adjust the proximity sensor closer to the sensor block.
Ramp down time (deceleration) is too high; causing an overshoot of the home position. Check parameter P002 on turntable's VFD. It must correspond to the setting that was entered at the factory. (Contact us to obtain an updated VFD parameter listing for your machine)
CARRIAGE GOES UP/DOWN BUT THE TABLE DOES NOT TURN The speed potentiometer for the table is set to "zero" on control panel. Increase speed with the control potentiometer located on the control panel.
Drive sprocket key is missing or broken. Replace drive sprocket key.
The motor-to-gear reducer key sheared. Change the key of the motor-to-gear reducer.
The turntable drive chain fell off or is broken. Turn the power off to the machine and fix the chain.
A load of excessive weight has been placed on the table.(for a standard LP or HP the capacity is 4000lbs; some models have an optional capacity of 6000lbs.) Remove load from turntable. Jog the turntable in manually. If it runs, wrap loads only within your machine's capacity.
VFD has faulted or is defective. See Control Panel troubleshooting guide.
EXCESSIVE NOISE EMINATING FROM TURNTABLE For WLP models, one or more of the cam follower supports may have seized. Remove turntable and inspect all cam followers. Replace defective cam follower(s).
For WHP models, one or more caster wheels or bearings may have seized. Remove turntable and inspect the caster wheel and bearings. Replace defective component(s).
The center bearing may be defective. Remove the turntable and inspect the center bearing. Replace defective component.
TURNTABLE CONTINUES TO TURN AT MINIMUM SPEED AFTER END OF CYCLE The rotation drive is defective. See Control Panel trouble-shooting guide.
The counter is not counting (see if input No. 4 on the PLC flashes 16 times as turntable makes each turn). Decrease the gap between the cam and proximity sensor.

Turntable Troubleshooting

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