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Rotary Arm


Rotary Arm
ARM DOES NOT STOP AT HOME POSITION The count proximity sensor has been displaced or is defective. Realign the proximity sensor. If the problem reoccurs replace the sensor.
The gap between the proximity sensor and the counter block is too large (see if input no. 1.1 on the PLC flashes for every turn). Adjust the sensor closer to the sensor block.
Ramp down time (deceleration) is too high; causing an overshoot of the home position. Check parameter P002 on rotary arm's VFD. It must correspond to the setting that was entered at the factory. (Contact us to obtain an updated VFD parameter listing for your machine).
While loading a new roll of film onto the carriage or when attaching the film on a load to be wrapped, the rotary arm was moved away from the home position. At the end of the cycle, it will stop 180-degrees opposite the normal home position. Ensure that the rotary arm is not moved during the process of replacing a roll of film or when pulling the film from the carriage to attach it to a load.
CARRIAGE GOES UP/DOWN BUT THE ARM DOES NOT TURN The speed potentiometer for the arm is set to "zero" on the control panel. Increase speed with the control potentiometer located on the control panel.
Drive sprocket key is missing or broken. Replace drive sprocket key.
The motor-to-gear reducer key sheared. Change the key of the motor-to-gear reducer.
VFD is defective. See Control Panel troubleshooting guide.
ROTARY ARM STOPS DURING CYCLE(not at home position) The rotary arm safety photoeye has been blocked either momentarily or sustained. Remove obstruction from light beam path. If nothing is blocking the photoeye, double-check the light beam alignment with the reflector located on the nylon hoop.
AFTER PRESSING CYCLE START, ARM DOES NOT TURN The rotary arm safety photoeye is obstructed or misaligned with the reflector on the nylon hoop. Remove obstruction or realign light beam so that it's aimed at the reflector.
E-Stop is pressed. Pull E-stop button and retry cycle.
VFD is faulted. Open panel door, record fault number and refer to Control Panel troubleshooting guide. To reset fault and try again, turn power off for at least 20 seconds.

NOTE: For WRT models, there may be a loss of power through the slip-ring (commutator) assembly. This will interrupt power feeding devices on the rotary arm or signals going to the PLC. Remove commutator dust cover and inspect for carbon build-up or broken/worn brushes.

Rotary Arm Troubleshooting

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