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Control Panel


Control Panel
VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE IS DISPLAYING A FAULT OR IS DEFECTIVE Since there is a number of variables that may cause a fault, you must first record the fault number displayed on the VFD (i.e. F001, F002, F003, etc) then refer to your owner's manual where you will find a Fault Code list and description. To clear the fault displayed you can either shut your machine's power off for at least 20 seconds and then turn it back on, or you can press the "P" key twice on the VFD's keypad. Once you have located the fault in your owner's manual, follow the recommendations listed to clear the fault and correct the problem.
The VFD is defective. Make sure you attempt to correct the problem by following the recommendations outlined in the owner's manual. If you clear the fault but it reappears immediately after power is applied and the motor is not being requested to run, you must replace your drive.
The power wires L1 and/or L2/N are unplugged or damaged. Turn main power off and reconnect or replace the wires.
The wires on the operation terminals (5, 6, 7) are unplugged or damaged. Turn main power off and reconnect or replace the wires.
The wires for external speed control on analog reference terminals (1, 2, 3, 4) are unplugged or broken. Turn main power off and reconnect or replace the wires.
The potentiometer for the external speed control is defective. Turn main power off and replace the potentiometer.
None of the above solves your problem. Contact your distributor.
BLOWN FUSE Overload - The current draw has exceeded the rated value of the fuse. Make sure that nothing else has been added to the circuit / line feeding the wrapper. If devices or components have been added to the machine, remove them, replace the fuse, and try another cycle. Do not modify the machine or retro-fit any components onto it without consulting with your distributor beforehand.
Short Circuit Check for a short on the suspected component, wires to and from that component, and terminal strips. If none are found replace the fuse with one of the same rating. If the fuse blows again, contact your distributor.
Defective component Test the component and wiring. Ensure that the proper supply voltage is present. If the component is deemed defective (by yourself and your distributor), replace the part.
POWER LIGHT IS NOT ON Power cord is not plugged in. Plug in the power cord.
Main breaker is OFF. Turn on the main breaker.
Light bulb is burned out. Change the light bulb.
Main switch is in the "OFF" position Turn the switch to the "ON" position.
WRAPPING CYCLE DOES NOT START Emergency Stop is ON. Release the emergency stop button and retry.
The "Start" button was not pressed. Press "Start", ensure that input 0.0 on the PLC comes on.
Carriage up speed and the turntable speed are set at zero on the control panel or too low for the carriage and turntable to move. Increase the speed with the control potentiometer on the control panel.
PLC is in a low voltage sleep mode probably due to power drop. Turn machine off for at least one minute. Then turn the power back on. If the problem is recurrent, have the power line checked by an electrician.
System fault (SF) light is on (PLC). Please contact your authorized distributor.
CYCLE STARTS NORMALLY BUT AS SOON AS THE TOP WRAPS ARE COMPLETE, THE CARRIAGE WILL STOP NEAR THE TOP OF THE LOAD The "Top Cover" function is "On". Turn the "Top Cover" selector switch to the "Off" position.
MAIN POWER IS ON BUT ALL COMPONENTS INSIDE THE PANEL ARE OFF Transformer problem Refer to your electrical schematic. Make sure that you are getting 230V off the secondary side.
Fuse F1 is blown Remove and verify fuse #1. If blown replace (see Blown Fuse)
MCR-1 is defective Refer to your electrical schematic. Check both line and load side voltage of your MCR. When the main power is "On" and the E-stop is not activated, the contactor should be engaged (pulled-in). Contact your distributor for assistance.
DC Power supply is defective Verify that you have 230Vac across L1 and L2 and 24Vdc across "+" and "-"of the power supply. If not, replace the unit. A defective power supply results in loss of power to the PLC and all input devices (photoeyes, proximity sensors, switches, etc)
THE NUMBER OF TOP / BOTTOM WRAPS PERFORMED DOESN'T MATCH WHAT IS ENTERED ON THE THUMBWHEEL Thumbwheel switch may be defective. Set the Top or Bottom wrap thumbwheel switch to "0".While pressing the "+" button, monitor inputs I1.2 to I1.5. They should count the number entered in binary. (Contact your distributor if you require help)
Rotation proximity sensor (counter) may be misaligned. See Turntable / Rotary Arm troubleshooting guide.


Control Panel Troubleshooting

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