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Used and Refurbished Pallet Stretch Wrappers
Used and refurbished pallet wrappers
Besides used stretch wrap equipment, we often have demonstration models available complete with full warranty at very low prices. These wrappers sell as soon as they become available so don't be afraid to Contact us or call us at 514 956 1525
A Guide to Purchasing Stretch Wrap Equipment
Ten reasons for using a stretch wrapper
We give you at last 10 Reasons To replace hand wrap with a Stretch Wrapper for your pallet wrapping applications
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in pallet wrapping
Autmatic Stretch Wrapper
Phoenix PRRA-2100
Phoenix PRRA-2100 Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper
Check out Phoenix Automatic Rotary Ring Wrapper. More speed, more wrapping, more savings!
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Effem Application
Cross country move requires major configuration redesign.
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Guideline for Purchasing Used Packaging Equipment

Not all stretch wrappers model ages well...

New or Used stretch wrapper? Decisions, decisions....
A used or rebuilt pallet stretch wrapper can provide excellent performance while greatly reducing your capital expenditure. However, it is important to understand that while used pallet stretch wrappers can offer great value, not all stretch wrapper models age well. Like the automobile industry, some used packaging equipment depreciates quickly and are expensive to maintain after the warranty period, while in other cases used stretch wrappers can be quite reliable.
Desoto Car Don't buy a Desoto!
With the consolidation of packaging machinery manufacturers in recent years, a number of stretch wrapper manufacturers "Like the good old Desoto" have either went out of business or have been purchased and the manufacturing facility closed. This reduces the availability of replacement parts and engineering support for the equipment. The engineering knowledge of the older equipment models gets lost as facilities are moved or closed and personnel are let go. Companies like Infra-Pak, Liberty, Muller and Mima are examples of companies whose facilities have been closed and/or moved, with key personnel and knowledge being lost in the transition. This can make maintaining these used older models difficult and costly.
Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware)
For this reason, used stretch wrappers are not uncommon. However, properly functioning used pallet wrappers are very rare. Often companies sell their used stretch wrapping equipment on an “As Is” basis, thus effectively passing their pallet wrapping problems on to you. CAPS inspects all used stretch wrapper equipment prior to offering it for sale. Using our engineering expertise, we recondition used packaging machines to ensure proper operating condition. Demonstration and rental stretch wrappers are also made available for sale.

Need Spare Parts?
You can buy replacement parts for these and other packaging machines right here online at the most competitive prices guaranteed! Being one of the largest providers of wholesale stretch wrapper replacement parts in the North American packaging industry, CAPS have the most complete selection of pallet stretch wrappers part available for purchase on the web!

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For any inquiries or questions regarding our used stretch stretch wrapping equipment, please
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