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Don't Waste Film!
Stop wasting film and use a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Save money using just the film that your pallets needs for a perfect wrapping.
Avoid unecessary film waste that always occour when hand wrapping.
Learn how you can reduce film waste using a Semi-automatic Stretch Wrapper....

The Economic Semi-automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper

A Simple and Cost-Effective Alternative to Hand Wrapping

The Workhorse is a rugged and reliable entry level stretch wrapper for the user who simply needs to wrap pallets quickly, consistently and all at an affordable price. Start stretch wrapping right out of the box due to its simple Plug & Play design. No special training is required by an operator to be able to operate the stretch wrapper. The machine takes your wrapping parameters and wraps the pallet the same way each and every time.
To order the Workhorse you can use the order form here or you can also call us at (514) 956 1525
Workhorse pallet wrapper
Up to 40 loads per hour, based on load size and configuration 13 RPM production speed.
Autoheight Photoeye:
Automatically detects pallets heights eliminating manual adjustment.
Automatic Home Position:
Ensures accurate stops every time for an easy pallet removal.
Electrical Requirements:
115v/ 60Hz / 1Phase / 15A
2 Year Unlimited Warranty
4400 lbs. weight & 82" wrap height capacity.
AC Variable speed turntable drive:
Eliminates lurching starts that can topple your pallet.
2 Automatic and 1 Manual wrapping cycles for greater flexibility:
Manual cycle mode, Automatic cycle (Wrap up/down, with carriage raising and lowering), Automatic cycle (Wrap up, with carriage raising only).
The Workhorse is available in two version: With Mechanichal Brake or Powered Pre-Stretch carriages.
Amazing Price, Economy Shipping, Crated Delivery!
You simply will not get more bang for your stretch wrapping buck, review the specs and features and compare. We always ship our machine in well-built
wooden shipping crates in order to avoid shipping
Watch a video on how to uncrate your Workhorse here
Workhorse pallet wrapper shipping crate Workhorse pallet wrapper shipping crate
Eliminates: Handwrapping, Employees Safety Issues, Training
The Workhorse is "Employee Safe", it saves employee time, and your money too! No OSHA isssues! Avoid employees injuries and costly compensation claims. Operating the Workhorse is easy and safe, no special training is required.
Learn here about the potential hazards of hand wrapping and how to avoid them.
hand wrapping poor safety pallet wrapper safety
It's Easy! Low Maintenance, Easy To Operate, 2 Year Warranty
Start wrapping right out of the box due to its simple design.
No special training is required by an operator to be able to operate the unit. The machine takes your wrapping parameters and wraps the load the same way each and every time. No special electrical requirements! Just plug the Workhorse in to your nearest free outlet and you are ready to start wrapping!
Workhorse stretch wrapper control panel Pallet stretch wrapper no special electrical requirements
Provides Consistent Professional Quality Wrapping
The WORKHORSE wraps packages uniformly without damage to your products. It produces a professional looking package with consistent and uniform load integrity. In the end, it provides excellent quality control and high customer satisfaction. Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrap machine allows you to preset variables of uniformity and load integrity which ensures repeatability, allowing loads to be wrapped to a set quality standard.
You can start like this
End with this
Or you can start like this
And end with this
Starting with hand wrapping
Ending with disaster
Using a pallet wrapper
Delivers consistency and quality
Hand Wrapping
Sometimes, it doesn't end well...
Pallet stretch wrapper
Delivers quality, safety and consistency.
Film and Money Savings!
Get the job done better, faster and without wasting time and money! Apply only where film is needed, stop throwing out half used rolls of damaged hand wrap. Cut your film cost by 10% to 30% reducing film waste and consumption! Save money avoiding to replace damaged product due to a loose manual wrapping!
Do not waste stretch film
Don't waste film!
Use only required amount of film
Use only the film you need!
Automatically Detects Pallets Heights
No need to worry about the height of your load! The photoeye located on the film carriage automatically detects the top of the load during the wrap cycle. This ensures the carriage stops at the top of the load every time and eliminates the need to mechanically adjust the height for each pallet. An optional Photoeye for dark load is also available upon request.
Height of load is automatically detected
photoeye detect load height
If so, any one of these 10 reasons will justify a switch to using an Economy Stretch Wrapper. Learn more here
Workhorse Pallet Wrapper Order
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The workhorse will be definitely a welcomed new asset for your day to day warehouse packaging operations. It will boost productivity, cut your packaging costs and increase your employees safety. You simply will not get more bang for your stretch wrapping buck. Simply outstanding value!
WorkHorse pallet wrapper model with standard film carriage performing a wrapping cycle.
WorkHorse pallet wrapper model with pre-stretch powered film carriage performing a wrapping cycle.
Workhorse stretch wrapper order request Workhorse pallet wrapper features
Control Panel
Workhorse Semi-Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper Control Panel Panel
Simple Operator Friendly Controls.
More details....
Autoheight Photo Eye
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Photo Eye
Autoheight Photo Eye automatically senses the top of the pallet.
More details....
Film Carriage
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Film Carriage
The Film Reel Carriage can handle both hand wrap and machine wrap, from 12" - 20" width.
More details....
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Turntable
4,400 Lbs. Turntable is designed with durability in mind.
More details....
Variable Frequency Drive
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper VFD
Eliminates loads from toppling due to jerky table starts and stops.
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