Workhorse pallet wrapper
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Don't Waste Film!
Stop wasting film and use a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Save money using just the film that your pallets needs for a perfect wrapping.
Avoid unecessary film waste that always occour when hand wrapping.
Learn how you can reduce film waste using a Semi-automatic Stretch Wrapper....

Workhorse Semi-Automatic Pallet Strech Wrapper Layout

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With Standard 59" Diameter Turntable
Workhorse Pallet Stretch Wrapper Dimensions
With 65" Optional Turntable
Workhorse Pallet Stretch Wrapper 65" Turntable Option
Workhorse Stretch Wrapper Crated
Workhorse Stretch Wrapper Inventory
The Workhorse Stretch Wrapper is shipped in a wooden crate, thus reducing the risk of damage during transit.
Control Panel
Workhorse Semi-Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper Control Panel Panel
Simple Operator Friendly Controls.
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Autoheight Photo Eye
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Photo Eye
Autoheight Photo Eye automatically senses the top of the pallet.
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Film Carriage
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Film Carriage
The Film Reel Carriage can handle both hand wrap and machine wrap, from 12" - 20" width.
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Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Turntable
4,400 Lbs. Turntable is designed with durability in mind.
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Variable Frequency Drive
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper VFD
Eliminates loads from toppling due to jerky table starts and stops.
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