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Don't Waste Film!
Stop wasting film and use a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Save money using just the film that your pallets needs for a perfect wrapping.
Avoid unecessary film waste that always occour when hand wrapping.
Learn how you can reduce film waste using a Semi-automatic Stretch Wrapper....

Workhorse Semi-Automatic Pallet Strech Wrapper Features

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Workhorse Controls
Workhorse Stretch Wrapper Control Panel

The Workhorse Control Panel provides many features simply not available from competitors, including:

  • Multiple Wrap Patterns: Wrap Up/Down and Wrap up only gives you added flexibility to meet your customer's requirements.
  • Re-inforce Wrap: Applies more film anytime during the wrap cycle when extra holding force is needed.
  • Adjustable Top and Bottom wrap selection
  • Adjustable Film Force to Load (Tension) Control.
  • Film Force Release: Mechanical lever for immediate removal of film tension.
  • Manual Control: Including carriage up/down, turntable jog.
  • Carriage Safety Limits: Upper & Lower safety switches.
  • Current overload protection
  • Power Disconnect Switch: c/w safety lockout for proper operator safety lockout.
  • Automatic Home Reset Control returns the table to home position for subsequent automatic cycles.
  • Non Proprietary components enables you to purchase replacement parts locally.
Autoheight PhotoEye For Workhorse
Workhorse Pallet Stretch Wrapper Autoeye PhotoEye

The photoeye located on the film carriage automatically detects the top of the load during the wrap cycle.

This ensures the carriage stops at the top of the load every time and eliminates the need to mechanically adjust the height for each pallet.

Optionally, the standard photoeye can be replaced with a dark load photoeye (see options) for background suppression and dark black,green, brown colors and/or shiny loads).

Workhorse 4,400 Lbs. Capacity Turntable
Workhorse Pallet Stretch Wrapper Heavy Duty Turntable

The Workhorse Turntable is designed with durability in mind, but we have also designed our turntable systems to offer many features that competitive models just don't offer!

  • 13 RPM Turntable speed controlled by variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Positive Home Position Turntable Alignment. Ensures that you always return to the same starting position for easy pallet removal.
  • 4,400 Lbs. Load Capacity
  • Heavy Duty Table Support Wheels- No manufacturer supplies more. No Lubricant Required.
A.B. Variable Frequency Drive For Turntable Rotation
Workhorse Pallet Stretch Wrapper Allen Bradley F4

Allen Bradley Power Flex 4 Series variable frequency drive controls the turntable drive motor. This ensures maximum performance including:

  • Ultimate acceleration and deceleration control that effectively eliminates lurching starts and stops associated with std. motor starters that topples even typically stable loads.
  • Eliminates maintenance issues associated with the DC motor brushes.
  • Digital readout allows for monitoring of the speed, amps, voltage, etc. and alarm diagnostics simplifying the troubleshooting process.
  • Drive is internally protected and is totally enclosed thus eliminating the potential for shock and accidental short circuits.
Film Carriage
Workhorse Pallet Stretch Wrapper Film Carriage

The Workhorse Film Carriage has an adjustable mechanical tensioning brake and disengagment lever that makes loading a roll of stretch a breeze.

  • Designed to handle films ranging from 12" to 20" wide.
  • Adjustable mechanical Brake Stretch System.
  • Simple Film Loading design for quick roll changes.
  • Tension Disengagment Lever allows you to instantly remove tension from the film during Film Loading or any other time.
Control Panel
Workhorse Semi-Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper Control Panel Panel
Simple Operator Friendly Controls.
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Autoheight Photo Eye
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Photo Eye
Autoheight Photo Eye automatically senses the top of the pallet.
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Film Carriage
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Film Carriage
The Film Reel Carriage can handle both hand wrap and machine wrap, from 12" - 20" width.
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Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper Turntable
4,400 Lbs. Turntable is designed with durability in mind.
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Variable Frequency Drive
Workhorse Stretch-Wrapper VFD
Eliminates loads from toppling due to jerky table starts and stops.
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