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Wulftec Pallet Stretch Wrapper

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Wulftec WLP-150 Heavy Duty Economy Stretch Wrapper

Features and Benefits


    Wulftec warrants this Automatic stretchwrapper to be free from manufacturing defect for a period of Three (3) years with no limit on the number of cycles if installed, maintained, and operated in accordance with factory specifications.

Film Carriage

    Many manufacturers compromise performance in this, the most critical assembly of the machine. This is done in an effort to reduce cost by controlling film application using time delayed on-off switches or outdated technology like wear prone potentiometers. ON-OFF systems do not respond to your load requirements and do not provide immediate and constant compensation. It merely pays out film at an uncontrollable rate without concern for wrapping force or crushing of the load.

    The Wulftec system provides the following:
    • Integrated control circuitry to provide flexibility in regulating wrapping force.
    • Electronic film force release at the start and end of cycle saves time and excess film usage and reduces cycle restarts caused by the film being pulled from corner during start.
    • Electronic film tension sensing system provides immediate corner compensation using a closed loop analog sensing feedback system.
    • Autoheight photoeye is mounted to the carriage top, out of harms way, and is adjustable for overwrap setting. On -off switch allows quick disabling of the auto height feature when inconvenient.
    • No need for threading instructions and diagrams here. Wulftec’s Econo-Thread film carriage design allows for the fastest and safest roll change in the industry.
    • Simply open carriage gate, lay the film on the gate, and close the gate. IT’S THAT SIMPLE !
    • Lexan safety cover shields the operator from dangerous pinch points and moving rollers when carriage is operating as OSHA and CSA requires.

Rugged Construction:

  • All aspects of the frame has been designed and manufactured to meet the harshest industrial applications.
  • 1/2” precision CRS guide ways are welded into tower providing maximum rigidity and smooth superior carriage guidance. Competitive models use of inaccurate formed towers or structural I-beams as the guide way results in carriage jamming or chatter and significantly increases maintenance costs.
  • Forklift portability, both front and rear, allows for the machine to be easily relocated where it is required with a fork truck.

Standard Safety Features:

  • Large push / pull Mushroom Emergency E-Stop button for safe control of power.
  • Upper and lower chain drive covers eliminate pinch points.
  • Two separate #40 chains are used for carriage lifting. With competitive models providing a single chain lift, accidental damage to a chain link does not create a dangerous situation for the operator of a Wulftec wrapper.

Operator and Electrical Controls:

  • No DC motors! All motors are AC with variable frequency controllers.
  • CSA Approval of electrical controls.
  • Simple yet flexible operator controls provide complete command and selection of wrapping parameters. Engraved labels ensure long term ability to operate machine safely and efficiently.
  • Automatic Load height sensing system reads the pallet height automatically and controls the film carriage travel regardless of the load height variations.
  • Variable turntable speed control adjustment enables you to adapt to unstable or fragile loads.
  • Manual jog control using separate jog buttons.
  • Variable spiral up and down speed.
  • Accurate top and bottom wrap selection using independent wrap counters instead of erroneous timer relays, or complicated programming selection, allows the operator to wrap the load efficiently without delay while eliminating film waste and providing consistence wrapping.

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