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Used and Refurbished Pallet Stretch Wrappers
Used and refurbished pallet wrappers
Besides used stretch wrap equipment, we often have demonstration models available complete with full warranty at very low prices. These wrappers sell as soon as they become available so don't be afraid to Contact us or call us at 514 956 1525
A Guide to Purchasing Stretch Wrap Equipment
Ten reasons for using a stretch wrapper
We give you at last 10 Reasons To replace hand wrap with a Stretch Wrapper for your pallet wrapping applications
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Are you meeting OSHA guidelines on pallet wrapping?
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Autmatic Stretch Wrapper
Phoenix PRRA-2100
Phoenix PRRA-2100 Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper
Check out Phoenix Automatic Rotary Ring Wrapper. More speed, more wrapping, more savings!
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Effem Application
Cross country move requires major configuration redesign.
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Phoenix Stretch Wrappers

PCTA (Phoenix Conveyorized Turntable Automatics)

Automatic Stretch Wrapper (Pallet Wrapper) Product Line

Rotary turntables systems offer a flexible and economical stretch wrapping of all load types. With its compact footprint this is the series of choice in most tight fitting applications.

Rotary Turntable Stretch Wrapper Systems offer a flexible and economical stretch wrapping of all pallet types. With its compact footprint this is the series of choice in most tight fitting Stretch Wrapping applications.

Our Most Popular Model. High Speeds, Reliable, and Flexible

Built to last. Designed Specifically for High Speed 24/7 Application

Phoenix PCTA-2000 Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Phoenix PCTA-2100 Automatic mRotary Turntable Pallet Wrapper
Learn more about the Phoenix pcta-2000 automatic turntable pallet wrapper
Learn more about the Phoenix pcta-2100 automatic turntable pallet wrapper

Small and compact, our conveyorized automatic turntable stretch wrapper can be integrated into a variety to situations and warehouses. The video shows the PCTA-2000 through a standard wrapping cycle. We’ve worked with many clients to customize this stretch wrapper and make it a seamless part of their operations.

This conveyorized automatic stretch wrapper can wrap up to 35 loads per hour and has a 12 rotations per minute speed.
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Dependability and durability define the PCTA-2100, a conveyorized turntable automatic wrapping machine. The PCTA-2100 is a fully automatic wrapping machine and requires very little human interaction. At the conclusion of the wrapping cycle, the machine cuts and wipes the film to the load ensuring a clean, secure finish. This stretch wrapper is ideal for busy warehouses that are looking for a conveyorized pallet wrap machine to perform consistently.
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Loaded With Sophisticated and Comprehensive Control Features

Phoenix PCTA-2300 Automatic Pallet Wrapper
Learn more about the Phoenix pcta-2300 automatic turntable pallet wrapper
This type of conveyorized automatic stretch wrapping system is ideal for high volume distribution centers where multiple operators are creating pallets and moving them around the warehouse with pallet jacks. The conveyors can be configured in a manner that best suits a warehouse and particular business needs. In this video, take notice of the adaptive ramp and conveyor to make loading the pallets as easy as possible for a hand pallet jack.
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