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$5,650 (US Dollars)

Workhorse Economy Stretch Wrapper
Entry level stretch wrapper for the low volume user who simply needs to wrap pallets quickly, with convenience, at an affordable price.
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Used and Refurbished Pallet Stretch Wrappers
Used and refurbished pallet wrappers
Besides used stretch wrap equipment, we often have demonstration models available complete with full warranty at very low prices. These wrappers sell as soon as they become available so don't be afraid to Contact us or call us at 514 956 1525
A Guide to Purchasing Stretch Wrap Equipment
Ten reasons for using a stretch wrapper
We give you at last 10 Reasons To replace hand wrap with a Stretch Wrapper for your pallet wrapping applications
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Are you meeting OSHA guidelines on pallet wrapping?
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in pallet wrapping
Phoenix PHP-2100
Phoenix PLPA-2150 Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Loaded with features, built like a tank, and aggressively priced. Definitely… BEST IN CLASS.
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Effem Application
Cross country move requires major configuration redesign.
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Effem Foods - Cross Country Move Requires Major Configuration Redesign

Retrofit Application - Effem Foods

When investing in wrapping technology, it is essential for a machine to function according to the customers’ specifications. Making customizations and option choices are essential when ordering a new machine, however, many customers obtain their machines by other means and require modifications.

Earlier this year Effem Foods contacted CAPS with a unique and challenging service request...[read more]

Pepsi Browning Harvey Limited

St. John’s, NF
Fixed program issues online: “Your department’s ability and willingness to troubleshoot our equipment online proved to be invaluable...[read more]

General Fasteners Ltd.

Edmonton, AB
Muller retrofit carriage application: “you designed a film carriage that met the tight size constraints of the obsolete machine while integrating state of the art technology...[read more]”

Dupont Canada

Kingston, ON
Knowledgeable and fast: “glad to be able to deal with a vendor who understood what we required and did not have to question every single order, very fast to return confirmation of price and deliveries...[read more]”

The Scotts Company

Jackson, GA
Full service approach: “Able to troubleshoot the machine over the phone, which enabled us to get it back in production in a minimal amount of time, truly appreciate the full-service approach we are provided...[read more]”

The Scotts Company

Vance, AL
On-site service: “ He has provided commendable on-site service to our plant over the past couple of years...[read more]”

Chris Dane

Maryland Heights, MO
Helped client's customer identifying the right spare part: “Sent my customer a drawing of one of the parts so they could confirm it was the proper component, averting what surely would have been the shipping of incorrect parts...[read more]”

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